SEG Bucharest Student Chapter & SEG Cracow Student Chapter

are proud to announce a Joint Field Trip scheduled to take place on

19th – 24th of September 2016


After a close collaboration between the members of the two SEG Student Chapters, SEG Bucharest Student Chapter and SEG Cracow Student Chapter, a new idea of a Joint Field Trip has been born that will mainly incorporate students from two different countries (Romania and Poland) and also international students from all around the world and Our main goal during the field camp is to give not only SEG members but also all interested students, the possibility to develop and learn more about Geophysics
The field camp will also be an opportunity to expand the boundaries of geophysics by incorporating during the field work a wide range of geophysical investigation methods. Scientific coordinators and trainers which will volunteer will sustain the organization and implementation of project activities
This field camp is a place for young, talented and open-minded people. This kind of research activity would enable the student to make acquaintances with people from other cultures, traditions and with another point of view. Common work and a collaborative learning process will facilitate the exchange of ideas and opinions between participants